Invisalign: Braces | Clear Braces | Alternative To Metal Braces

Invisalign makes oral hygiene easier. Reducing the risk of possible dental problems. Invisalign will correctly align the teeth to alleviate issues that can be caused by an improper bite, speech problems, chewing difficulties and jaw problems. Having properly aligned teeth can be a benefit that extends far beyond a confident smile.


Healthy Teeth and Gums

Crowded teeth can result in swollen red gums. These signs can also mean Periodontal disease. When having straight teeth it helps the gums fit better around the teeth, allowing the strongest and healthiest defense against potential periodontal problems.

This is where Invisalign comes in. The clear aligners gently begin to move your teeth into proper position without using brackets or wires from traditional braces.


Easier Cleaning

When having traditional braces it can be hard to keep your teeth clean, removing all the food that gets trapped in the brackets and wires . This can lead to plaque buildup and and decay. With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, making it as normal as possible to brush and floss.


How does Invisalign work

Clear aligners are custom-made for you. Aligners are clear and invisible.

The aligners are made to shift your teeth and rotating them when needed. The aligners are made to use the right amount of force to shift/rotate your teeth.

Every week to two weeks you will have a new set of aligners, as time passes and aligners are changed, your teeth will move in position.


Treatment Process

The first appointment will be a consultation (Normally free). The the first visit your dentist will evaluate your teeth and discuss options as to what type of treatment you would need, your dentist will also discuss financing.


Customized Treatment Plan

Your dentist will take necessary images and impressions to be sent to the lab. Once the lab has finalized the aligners, a video with movements of your treatment will be sent to your dentist for viewing. If case is accepted by the patient, the process will begin.


Taking care of your smile

When treatment is complete , your dentist will recommend to wear retainers-custom-made, using the same technology as invisalign. These retainers are to prevent your teeth from shifting.

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