For Patients

Welcome to our Lincoln Park Dental office

We take pride in treating our dental patients like family, with empathy, honesty and transparency. Our dentistry staff will answer all of your  questions on the phone prior to – and during – your dental visit. We will evaluate your dental needs and take dental x-rays as needed and then do a through clinical examinations, take intra-oral pictures and measure your gum to evaluate the health of your gum.

Every finding will be explained in detail and your dental treatment plan options will be presented along with your financial obligations and our several payment options. You will see the live video and pictures of your teeth on the monitor as Dr. Mahi explains what she sees in your X-rays and in the pictures.

If you are uneasy or a bit anxious about your dental appointment, we have smart TVs positioned on the top of your chair to help relax you and a wonderful blend of essential oils to put you at ease. We also offer Nitrous Oxide gas, also known as laughing gas, if your desire that during your dental treatment.

In this section you’ll find:

Information about dental Insurance, Financing and other forms of convenient payment.

Dental educational information to enlighten you about different dental procedures we offer at Lincoln Shine Dental.

You can also find some of our patient forms underneath this tab.

Then there are Kid’s Activity sheets for your children to download and have fun completing.