Teeth Whitening


You no longer have to avoid smiling or be embarrassed because you do not like the color of your teeth! Teeth whitening is an economical solution to looking younger and healthier.

As we age, our teeth start getting stained due to a variety of reasons including coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and also natural aging of the teeth. Some of us may have darker teeth because we used a certain antibiotic during childhood.

We can use whitening agents to whiten your teeth in the office or give you a home bleaching kit to use at home with a custom made tray that is made in our office. You may also use over the counter whitening materials. Both, in office and over the counter whitening materials, use carbomide or hydrogen peroxide but with different concentrations. Over the counter whitening materials are not as fast and effective as the one provided to you by your dentist. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recommend in office tooth whitening systems as those use trays that are custom made  for your teeth and protect your gum from the beaching material. The best whitening materials have a buffer added to the gel that protects the enamel from damage while effectively change your teeth color during a short dental visit. Your dentist can treat any teeth sensitivity after your whitening treatment using an anti-sensitivity gel.

Teeth whitening