Root Canal Therapy

A tooth is comprised of three types tissue called enamel, dentin and pulp. Enamel is the most external structure, pulp is located in the center and dentin is the thin layer between the enamel and the pulp. Dental decay starts from the enamel on the tooth surface and finds its way towards the pulpal tissue where the nerves and blood vessels reside. Dental decay contains bacteria and their toxins which cause inflammation inside of the pulp and as a result pain with hot and cold and/or spontaneous pain. If left untreated, the nerve tissue will die and pain will stop after a few days, however, inflammation and infection will spread to the surrounding bone and cause an abscess which can be life threatening in some cases. It is very important for you to get that tooth treated.

The treatment of pulp involvement is pulp therapy also known as root canal therapy or endodontic treatment.  Dr. Mahi will anesthetize the area and then remove the decayed tooth structure and also the inflamed pulp tissue completely and continues to clean the canals inside of the roots of your tooth. After cleaning and disinfection is completed, she will place an endodontic filling material called  “gutta percha” inside of the canals and will restore the rest of the tooth using a lab fabricated crown. A crown is necessary to protect the remaining tooth structure which is now weakened as there is no blood supply anymore.

Dr. Mahi will make sure that you will not experience any pain and discomfort during the procedure. This procedure can take one to three appointment depending on the complexity of the treatment and you might be prescribed antibiotics and pain killer medication. Nothing will look, feel, function and last like your natural teeth.  This treatment will help you keep your natural teeth and prevent future complications.


root canal therapy