Dental Education

Our ultimate goal, at Lincoln Shine Dental, is to provide all the information you ask for and need – so you will have the best possible dental experience.

Back to school visit/pediatric dentistry

We strive to ensure that natural teeth are preserved as long as possible. This process begins as soon as the first tooth appears in your baby’s mouth. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for parents to make sure that their children will not have to miss classes because of dental related issues once schools start. There is so much to learn about dentistry and the services you can receive from us and we would like to help educating you about all those. Let us help you learn all about first dental visits, tooth decay, baby bottle tooth decay, brushing, sealants, xrays, tooth eruption age, mouth guards, Fluoride and Nitrous Oxide gas (laughing gas).

Preventative dentistry

Preventative dental care refers to a team work between you and your dentist with the main goal of keeping your teeth as clean as possible and preventing future teeth loss due to gum disease, cavities and parafunctional habits (such as tooth grinding). We offer variety of dental preventative care in our office including professional cleaning, fluoride, sealants and mouth guards.

Teeth whitening

You no longer have to avoid smiling or be embarrassed because you do not like the color of your teeth! Teeth whitening is an economical solution to looking younger and healthier. Read more about our whitening services!


You no longer have to fear metal braces to straighten your teeth. ClearCorrect and Invisalign will give you the chance to move your teeth gradually and have a beautiful smile by using a series of invisible aligners custom made for your teeth.