Expecting a baby?

If you are expecting a baby, Congratulations! As a dentist, I wish to advise you to familiarize yourself with the timing of baby teeth eruption. The first teeth to come out are the lower front teeth. These teeth come out at the age 6 to 10 months and will stay in the mouth up to […]

Fluoride, Whitening, Sensitivity: Which toothpaste is right for you?

Fluoride, Whitening, Sensitivity: Which toothpaste is right for you? Hi everyone, I am writing this blog today to help you understand what to pay attention to when buying a toothpaste and I am using this evidence based, literature review research that was published in 2012. You always need to ask your dentist what is the best […]

Essential oils for an anxiety-free/pain-free dental visit!

The use of essential oils in dentistry Essential oils have been used for different reasons for centuries. They are known for their calming effects after inhalation through which they travel directly to limbic part of our brain where anxiety, emotion, memory, heart-rate and blood pressure is controlled. For these reasons, many dental professionals recommend them for […]

How to find the best cosmetic dentist for you

I was thinking today: What sets dentists apart from one other?   Most dentists claim to be the best dentist or best cosmetic dentist,  a lot of dentists in Chicago offer cosmetic work but how do you know which of those dentists are better or provide a better service? I actually have the same problem. I […]

Signs of infected wisdom teeth and should you extract those teeth?

What are the symptoms associated with wisdom teeth infection, what is a wisdom teeth emergency, and do all wisdom teeth need to be extracted? I usually get at least couple of patients per week asking for an emergency dental visit because they think they are having pain or discomfort related to their wisdom teeth. The […]

Merry Christmas to all our patients

Our team in Lincoln Shine Dental wishes you a beautiful smile during the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some tips for you to achieve that goal. http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/holiday-slideshow?source=promospots&content=rotator&medium=holiday_bright

How to make the most out of your dental insurance plans?

Use your dental insurance benefit before December 31st. Don’t let your dollars go to waste. Most dental insurances do not allow for your benefits to roll over to the next year. Here are some tips for you to take the most out of your dental insurance. You can also learn about Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) […]

Too cute to eat but good for your teeth!

Do you ever wonder if there is any healthy snacks you could have during the holidays? Let’s find out #HappyHolidays#TooCuteToEat http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/nutrition/holiday-recipes/?source=promospots&content=rotator&medium=holiday_snacks

Give thanks for your healthy smile!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lincoln Shine Dental! As Thanksgiving is getting closer, make sure that dental emergencies do not disturb the happy moments waiting for you and your family, see your dentist to take care of the cavities in your mouth before it is too late. It is also very important to improve your oral hygiene […]