Five Drinks That Stain Teeth

Ever wonder which drinks stain your teeth? Consider these five popular drinks that can stain your teeth, and are also harmful to your enamel.

    Half of the population enjoys a nice cup of hot coffee everyday, maybe 2 or 3 times a day. Unfortunately, the acid in the coffee can stain your teeth.
    Note: Did you know that acids in drinks and foods can break down your teeth enamel? This is why it is so easy to stain your teeth due to the acids.
    Coffee has Chromogens (Organic fluids that form a color when oxidized) Which are compounds with strong pigments that easy cling to your enamel.
  • TEA
    According to WebMD tea may actually be more harmful to your teeth than coffee. Black and Green teas can stain your teeth due to the Tannin (Astringent that comes from a plant) compounds in them.
  • SODA
    We all know that soda’s contain acids, they also contain Chromogens like  coffee. The acid will weaken your enamel more than likely. Staining compounds will cling to your teeth, you may think that only dark sodas will only stain your teeth. Clear sodas also stain your teeth due to the citrus acids that make your teeth more prone to staining.
  • WINE
    Red wine is high in acids, it contains Chromogens and Tannin, This is the best remedy for staining your teeth. White wine doesn’t have the Chromogens like the red wine. It still has acid and contains some tannin. This just means that it will still break down your teeth enamel, allowing other drinks to stain your teeth.
    Due to high acidity and dark colors such as fruit juices like Grape and Cranberry juice will discolor your teeth.

Protect your teeth
Studies show that the best way to protect your teeth from staining is to avoid these drinks. However there are other ways to help reduce staining your teeth, drink your drink immediately without sipping throughout the day.

The best way to wash away the harmful acids of the drinks, is to drink a glass of water to wash away all acids and sugars that can cause staining that come from these drinks.

Note:Did you know that if you brush your teeth immediately after drinking these drinks, you are doing more harm to your enamel. Because your enamel is already weakened by the acids and sugars in these drinks. Brushing your teeth right after can potentially be more harmful by removing more enamel.

Wait at least 30 min before brushing your teeth.


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